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Camp Schedule

Camp Schedule

Sewing Camp Schedule 2017

There are 16 different camp sessions to choose from during the summer.

Because the sewing camp weeks fill up fast, we have a process to reserve your child's spot.

When you have chosen the week you are interested in, please contact Jennifer at your earliest convenience to put a place holder for your child.

Once payment has been received, that spot will be reserved.

Sewing Camp Schedule 2017
Session 1:
June 12-15 (9:30-11:30AM)
Session 2:
June 12-15 (1-3PM)
Session 3:
June 19-23 (9:30-11:30AM)
Session 4:
June 19-23 (1-3PM)
Session 5:
June 26-30 (9:30-11:30AM)
Session 6:

June 26-30 (1-3PM)

Session 7:
July 10-14 (9:30-11:30AM)
Session 8:
July 10-14 (1-3PM)
Session 9:
July 17-22 (9:30-11:30AM)
Session 10:
July 17-21  (1-3PM)

Session 11:

July 24-28 (9:30-11:30AM)

Session 12:

July 24-28 (1-3PM)

Session 13: Jul 31-Aug 4 (9:30-11:30AM)
Session 14: Jul 31-Aug 4 (1-3PM)
Session 15: Aug 7-11 (9:30-11:30AM)
Session 16: Aug 7-11 (1-3PM()